May 05, 2022
VTA Board Approves First Major Contract of BART Extension to Downtown San Jose/Santa Clara
At its May 5th regular board meeting, the Santa Clara Valley (VTA) Board of Directors voted unanimously to authorize the General Manager/CEO to execute the first in a series of construction contracts...
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May 05, 2022
2000 Measure A Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) Video and Teleconference Public Hearing
2000 Measure A Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) video and teleconference public hearing on fiscal year 2021 Measure A expenditures is scheduled for May 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm. The Committee is required...
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May 04, 2022
Advancing VTA's BART Phase II Tunnel and Trackwork
At the VTA Board of Directors meeting on May 5th, 2022, the VTA Board will vote on a contract for the initial stage of the Tunnel & Trackwork, known as Contract Package 2 (CP2) for VTA’s BART Silicon...
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April 25, 2022
VTA’s 28th Street/Little Portugal BART Station
VTA’s BART Silicon Valley (BSV) Phase II Project is a 6-mile project that extends BART service from the Berryessa BART station, which opened for passenger service in June 2020, to downtown San José...
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February 18, 2022
What’s behind FTA’s cost and schedule forecast for BART Phase II?
In the next few months, VTA anticipates awarding the first and largest contract for the BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project. While VTA is still in the midst of securing federal funding, the Federal...
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December 16, 2021
Single Bore Tunnel Remains the Best Option for BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project
Since 2016, the 5-mile tunnel portion of the 6-mile, 4-station planned BART extension through downtown San Jose to Santa Clara has been the most studied and talked about aspect of the project. After...
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October 25, 2021
FTA Releases Formal Intention to Expedite Funding for BART Phase II Project
VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project achieved another major milestone to help advance the biggest infrastructure project in Santa Clara County history. VTA received a Letter of Intent (LOI) from...
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July 21, 2021
Help Shape the Future of Transportation
VTA’s Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) considers and advocates for smart, well-thought-out transportation policies and initiatives. The committee then advises the full VTA Board of Directors on those...
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January 11, 2021
BART Phase II Project First to Submit for Critical Federal Funding Program
VTA achieved two critical milestones for the BART Phase II Project being the first transit agency in the nation to submit an application for $1.735 billion through the Federal Transit Administration’s...
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