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Oct. 16 is the Deadline to Provide Feedback on the Proposed 2021 Transit Service Plan

*Updated on Oct. 14 with a link to the Spanish version of the presentation.

The public has a little more than a week to submit comments on the 2021 Transit Service Plan, which will go into effect in February. The deadline for public input on the three proposed scenarios is Oct. 16.

In early September, VTA announced its intent to implement a new Transit Service Plan in response to the economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, virtual public meetings were held on Sept. 23 and Sept. 29. *A Spanish version of the presentation, Plan de Servicio del Transporte Público 2021, is also available.

VTA staff also met with many community business organizations and social service agencies to discuss the plans and hear feedback. They also helped spread the word about the plan and encouraged their communities to comment.

The most common feedback received so far is to reduce services to Berryessa BART until demand grows; consider discontinuing service to Berryessa BART on the Rapid 523 and/or reducing service on the Rapid 500.

Some of the insightful comments received included:

  • “The 21 and 22 are the only routes that serve Palo Alto, [this] service is essential for students and workers in Palo Alto and service should not be reduced.”
  • “Please take note that the 25 bus route is one of the few routes to the Silicon Valley Medical Center.”
  • “The convenience that came from being able to make use of the frequent lines mentioned is so indispensable... please bring it to other areas if you can.”
  • “The 90 percent is the most feasible, considering VTA must build ridership back to pre-pandemic levels to avoid a traffic nightmare in Silicon Valley.”
  • “Please make sure that this plan doesn't put an undue burden on poor people who don't have an alternative.”

Along with community input, VTA transit planners’ overall objectives are to:

  • Preserve as much ridership as possible systemwide
  • Ensure reductions are fair and equitable
  • Minimize service reductions by achieving transit speed increases
  • Ensure scheduled running times are accurate and reflect real traffic conditions

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback already and who participated in the two virtual meetings. After the additional input is collected through Oct. 16, staff will use this feedback and analysis to revise the three service plan proposals for the VTA Board’s action on Dec. 3.

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