July 21, 2023
Bascom Complete Streets Project Receives Construction Funding
The plan to transform parts of Bascom Avenue into a major thoroughfare serving all modes of transportation received a multi-million dollar boost from the State of California. A $39 million grant was...
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May 24, 2023
A Guaranteed Ride Home When You Need It Most
Let’s set the scene. The morning sun shines bright as you travel to work using VTA’s light rail. Free from driving responsibilities, you listen to a podcast through your headphones. After arriving at...
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May 19, 2023
How Does VTA Create a Transit Service Plan? Ask VTA!
VTA’s transit service network is made up of a total of 60 routes, woven together and stretching from Palo Alto to Gilroy. Have you ever given much thought to how the complex system comes together? VTA...
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May 09, 2023
Here's What You Told Us You Wanted: Monterey Corridor Community-Based Transportation Plan
VTA and City of San Jose staff will host two community meetings (May 17 & 18) to share public comments and suggestions gathered last fall on how to improve the Monterey Road Corridor. Please join us...
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May 03, 2023
Take VTA to Saturday’s San Jose Earthquakes vs. LAFC at Levi’s Stadium
It's another battle of NorCal vs. SoCal at Saturday's soccer match on May 6, where the San Jose Earthquakes will face off against defending MLS Cup champions LAFC at Levi's Stadium. Kickoff is set for...
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April 26, 2023
Annual Public Hearing of the Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) for the 2000 Measure A Transit Sales Tax Program
The Citizen’s Watchdog Committee (CWC) invites you to provide your input on 2000 Measure A expenditures, including the results of the annual compliance audit for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. Join us at the...
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April 06, 2023
This Earth Month, Learn about VTA Climate & Sustainability Efforts
Ever asked yourself, "What is the range of an electric bus? How many solar panels does VTA have? How can public transit help reduce the impacts of climate change?.” Ask VTA! Join us virtually on...
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March 28, 2023
ICYMI! VTA Looks Toward the Future of Light Rail
Since its implementation in 1987, the VTA light rail system has grown to serve commuters traveling in Santa Clara County. From transporting passengers to their desired location or connecting them to...
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March 20, 2023
We Want to Hear From You!
VTA staff is continuing work on the Valley Transportation Plan 2050 (VTP 2050) this Spring. A long-range planning and policy framework, the VTP 2050 will identify programs, projects, and policies for...
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