May 11, 2022
VTA Awarded the 2022-2023 Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant
This article was contributed by Transportation Planner III Ian Lin and Principal Transportation Planner Robert Swierk. VTA is honored to be selected as a recipient of the Caltrans Fiscal Year 2022...
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January 19, 2022
Downtown Transportation Plan Ready for Your Feedback
(This article was contributed by VTA Senior Transportation Planner Adam Burger) Imagine a Downtown San José designed to be more sustainable, to combat climate change, to decrease vehicle miles...
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January 04, 2021
Service Frequency Improvements to Begin Feb. 8 
VTA will increase the frequency of seven bus routes to address the challenging issue of passenger pass ups. Frequency improvements will occur on lines 23, 25, 64, 66, 68, 71, 77 and go into effect on...
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October 09, 2020
Oct. 16 is the Deadline to Provide Feedback on the Proposed 2021 Transit Service Plan
*Updated on Oct. 14 with a link to the Spanish version of the presentation. The public has a little more than a week to submit comments on the 2021 Transit Service Plan, which will go into effect in...
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September 11, 2020
VTA Asks for Public Input on DRAFT 2021 Transit Service Plan
When VTA revamped its transit network in 2019, we committed to review the service plan every year to adapt to changes in ridership and traffic, new developments, and economic forecasts. Little did we...
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December 11, 2019
Information Upgrades Coming to New Transit Service
Sometimes figuring out how to make a transit trip isn’t an easy task. Figuring out where routes go, when they operate, where to catch the bus, how to pay the fare, when to request a stop and how to...
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July 24, 2019
Morgan Hill Kids Weigh In on Community Transportation Plan
VTA received valuable advice this week from young “consultants” who came up with some ideas on how to improve transportation and mobility in Morgan Hill. The 14th Annual Youth Leadership Morgan Hill...
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May 03, 2019
VTA Board of Directors Approves 2019 New Transit Service Plan
The VTA Board of Directors unanimously approved, at its May 2 Board meeting, the final recommendations outlined in the 2019 New Transit Service Plan. The Board also requested staff to examine a few...
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April 05, 2019
VTA Releases Final Recommendations for 2019 New Transit Service Plan
VTA has released final recommendations for the 2019 New Transit Service Plan. Before we look at the final plan, let’s start with a look back. Background First shared in January 2019, the draft 2019...
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