Paratransit driver bubble for minivans
Paratransit Driver Bubbles: Another Enhanced Safety Measure to Protect VTA Passengers and Operators
Ken Blackstone

Protecting all riders and operators is a priority for VTA, especially when it comes to those most in need. While you’ve probably seen numerous photos and posts about protections on buses and light rail vehicles, VTA’s due diligence to ensure the safety of its passengers and drivers extends to our paratransit operation.

VTA Access has outfitted its fleet of 95 minivans with a “Driver Bubble” as an enhanced safety measure to protect the driver and the passenger from potential exposures due to COVID-19. In addition, the limited capacity of 1 -2 passengers per vehicle continues as another means to minimize potential exposures. Of course, as with all VTA vehicles, riders are expected to wear their face masks at all times. 

Paratransit driver bubble for minivans
Paratransit driver bubble for minivans


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