November 20, 2020
Service Frequency Improvements Means Fewer Bus Riders Passed Up
VTA will increase the frequency of seven bus routes to address the urgent issue of passenger pass ups, a move that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our transit service. Frequency...
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November 17, 2020
VTA Shifts Focus from Transit Service Plan to Urgent Issue of Passenger Pass Ups
As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic increase in severity and additional restrictions are implemented in Santa Clara County, VTA’s challenge is to remain responsive to public health mandates and...
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November 12, 2020
VTA Helps Spread Transit Mentoring Program for Career Success
VTA is helping to lead four other Northern California transit agencies to create successful labor/management partnerships, aimed at improving the quality of transit careers. The work is being done...
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November 04, 2020
What are current bus capacity limits?
Customers have had questions about the capacity thresholds on VTA buses with the current COVID physical distancing requirements. VTA limits bus capacity as follows - actual capacity may vary depending...
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October 22, 2020
VTA Operator Creates Art with a Camera
This article was submitted by Transportation Superintendent Dawn Wright. From the age of 6, VTA Bus Operator Danny Quintana knew he wanted to drive a bus. He grew up in San Francisco and began his...
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October 20, 2020
VTA Launches 2016 Measure B Transparency Website
We are excited to launch the 2016 Measure B transparency website to provide a window into 2016 Measure B program revenue and spending. Thank you to all the usability testers and survey respondents who...
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October 20, 2020
Survey for Small Businesses Near Future BART Phase II Alignment
Small businesses along VTA’s BART Phase II Project corridor – VTA needs to hear from you! With early construction work on VTA’s BART Phase II Project set to begin in 2022, the work to plan for...
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September 21, 2020
Bus Simulator: A High-Tech Aid to Driver Training
It’s called the “MB-2000”. A fitting name for its futuristic nature of putting you “in the driver’s seat” literally. The latest tool VTA is using to help bus drivers sharpen their skills to maneuver...
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September 11, 2020
VTA Asks for Public Input on DRAFT 2021 Transit Service Plan
When VTA revamped its transit network in 2019, we committed to review the service plan every year to adapt to changes in ridership and traffic, new developments, and economic forecasts. Little did we...
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