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Plan Asks for Your Help to Reduce Traffic Deaths and Injuries

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is asking for the public’s help in reducing the number of fatal and serious injury collisions in the County.

 While VTA runs the County-wide public transit system, it also serves as the Congestion Management Agency for Santa Clara County. In that capacity, VTA distributes funding for traffic improvements that can work to reduce the magnitude of traffic related incidents.

In collaboration with local cities in Santa Clara County, VTA is developing a county-wide Local Roads Safety Plan, to provide the framework to analyze and prioritize safety improvements on our local roads for all modes, especially pedestrians and bicyclists.

Residents can participate by reporting areas of concern in their respective communities online.  A street corner in need of a stop sign; an intersection where far too many close calls are happening; a neighborhood roadway that sees multiple car accidents per month.  These are examples where residents can help city staff with making safer neighborhoods.

This safety plan will enable local cities eligible to apply for state and federal grants like Caltrans Highway Safety Improvement Program, which awarded over $200M in 2021 for statewide traffic safety improvements.

Residents can submit reports of concern until April 22, 2022.  VTA will then compile the information and distribute it to the relevant cities.  Cities will be able to apply for state and federal funding for traffic safety improvement projects later this spring. 

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