Rendering of the future eastridge light rail extension
Station Artists Selected for Eastridge Light Rail Extension

A creative direction will soon be taking shape for public art at two new light rail stations being built at Story Road and Eastridge in East San Jose. These stations are part of the planned 2.4-mile Orange Line extension from Alum Rock down to the Eastridge Transit Center. Art enhancements will contribute to the vibrancy of the cityscape, promote neighborhood pride, create engaging experiences for pedestrians and transit users, and reinforce intuitive wayfinding.

Last night, the San Jose Public Art Committee, reviewed an Artist Selection Panel’s recommendation to contract artist Pae White to develop a proposal for the Story Road Station, while the husband and wife team of Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan will create site-specific art for the Eastridge Station.

White brings an extensive portfolio of large-scale sculpture, architecturally integrated artworks, and has a special interest in transportation projects. The selection panel was impressed by White’s use of color, texture, and her exciting approach to materials. Whether in the form of sculpture, site-specific installations, tapestries, animation, or painting, the artist’s work is creative and unexpected.

Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan specialize in art designed for the built environment. Their approach to place-making varies between iconic sculptures to subtler treatments that unfold over multiple viewings. They are experienced at working with stakeholders, translating art concepts to large scales, responding to contextual conditions and view corridors, and integrating natural and social processes into their work.

Meet the Artists

Project staff are organizing community meetings where attendees will get to meet and engage with the artists. Dates and details coming soon.

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