No Mask, No Ride
Things are Improving but Don't Let Your Guard Down!
Ken Blackstone

Effective Jan. 25, the California Department of Public Health has lifted the Regional Stay-at-Home Order for all regions statewide, including the Bay Area. Santa Clara County has returned to the Purple Tier of the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, with some additional local restrictions remaining in place.

However, VTA would like to remind everyone that this is not the time to let your guard down! It is imperative that we continue to be cautious, follow the county’s orders, continue to wear face coverings, follow social distancing protocols, and use common sense. Face coverings on public transit are mandatory so remember: NO MASK, NO RIDE!

The danger COVID-19 poses to our community has not subsided. County health officials stressed that while we have made progress, we still have a high level of cases, and hospitalizations and ICU availability remains seriously impacted. 

Non-essential travel should still be avoided, especially in light of new variants of COVID-19 that are circulating globally and in the United States. The County’s mandatory 10-day post-travel quarantine also remains in place if you travel into the county from more than 150 miles away.

So go get a haircut and enjoy some outdoor dining. And thanks to all of our customers for continuing to wear face coverings and adhere to our marked-off social distancing measures on board VTA vehicles.

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