VTA, ATU Labor Negotiations Update
Brandi Childress

VTA and ATU Local 265 continue to negotiate for a successor labor agreement. Although current VTA proposals illustrate that the organization is working towards meeting some of the needs of its ATU employees, there are issues that remain unresolved – wages and pensions being two of them.

Below are the most recent proposals traded to date, including the total cost of wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.

   ATU   Proposal on 3/11/19   $80.8 million^
 1st year
 2nd year
 3rd year
   VTA   Proposal on 3/14/19   $19.6 million^^
 1st year
 2nd year
 3rd year
** 3% total with 1.5% increase to base pay and 1.5% one-time lump sum payment
^ Total cost includes no contribution towards pension
^^ Total cost includes a 5.5% contribution towards pension


Authorization to Strike

On March 20, ATU Local 265 will hold a vote among its membership seeking authorization to strike. This vote means that the ATU Executive Board is requesting its members to sanction a strike vote – or a vote to begin the process that could lead to a vote to initiate a strike. This is part of the bargaining unit negotiations process outlined on our Labor Relations webpage. 

ATU Local 265 must observe all local and international guidelines and protocols in order to proceed with a strike, which include obtaining all of the following: a two-thirds vote from the membership being sought on March 20, an endorsement/approval from ATU International and its President, and a final majority vote from its members to initiate a strike after presenting VTA’s final proposal to its members. Once all these requirements are met, ATU Local 265 could initiate a strike after it obtains authorization from the South Bay Labor Council.

We will continue to provide updates on the negotiations process and information related to any potential service-related issues.

For the latest round of proposals traded to date, which includes wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment, visit our Labor Relations webpage.


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