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VTA Awarded Two Prestigious Grants for Sustainability Work

This article was contributed by Transportation Planner Aiko Cuenco and Senior Environmental Planner Lani Lee Ho

VTA is honored to be selected as a recipient of the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Sustainable Communities Grant Program. In total, Caltrans awarded $34 million in state and federal funds to cities, counties, tribes, and transit agencies throughout California to plan sustainable transportation projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the state highway system, enhance access to safe walkways and bikeways, and increase natural disaster preparedness.

Caltrans awards transportation planning grants each year through a competitive process to encourage local and regional projects to improve the state’s transportation network. A statewide total of 169 grant applications were submitted. Of these applications, 59 were selected for grant awards.

VTA submitted applications for the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Access Study and Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

  • The TOD Access Study will engage the community and identify access improvements and transportation demand management strategies to enhance access to six transit stations, including four park and ride lots at VTA light rail stations and two future BART stations.
  • The Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will identify specific actions VTA could take to minimize contributions to climate change and adapt and build resilience to long-term climate impacts.

Both projects were selected for a total award of approximately $1 million under the Sustainable Communities Competitive Grant category. The grant money is partially funded by Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

To learn more about VTA’s work towards creating transit-oriented communities, visit VTA’s Transit-Oriented Development Program page.

To learn more about VTA’s commitment to the environment and to follow the progress of VTA’s Sustainability Program, check out the latest FY 20 Sustainability Report and Sustainability Plan

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