VTA Begins Process to Transform Workplace Environment

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has released a Request for Proposals to hire a consultant to aid the agency in making significant and meaningful changes in the organizational culture and climate.

Interested parties are asked to apply on the VTA website after registering as an agency vendor. 

On May 26, 2021, a workplace mass shooting took the lives of ten VTA employees, including one veteran employee who took his own life months later after suffering from extreme trauma related to the attack.  In the ensuing months, employee feedback alluded to the need to review structural issues not directly connected to the shooting but said to affect the experience of working at VTA.

A $20 million state funding initiative, spearheaded by California State Senator Dave Cortese (D-15), led to the creation of a union-management partnership tasked with a collaborative approach to decide how the funds should be used.  The funding provides VTA the opportunity to make sustainable, structural changes that will improve the internal support system for VTA employees and enhance the work environment to enable all VTA employees to feel respected, safe, and confident to do their jobs providing essential public transit service to the residents of Santa Clara County.
The deadline to submit proposals is January 31, 2022, at 4 P.M.
[Link to Organizational Culture and Climate Transformation RFP]

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