VTA Pride Flag
VTA Raises Pride Flag in Celebration of Diversity and Inclusion
VTA pride flag

For the second consecutive year, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority kicked off Pride Month by raising the Pride flag at its San Jose headquarters.

San Jose City Councilmember and VTA Board member Omar Torres initiated this tradition at VTA in 2023.

Dozens of VTA employees attended the event which also featured Board Chair Cindy Chavez.  VTA Board Member and Milpitas Mayor Carmen Montano brought a special commendation for VTA for the occasion.

VTA Assistant General Manager and CFO Greg Richardson was the MC for te event.  Today, we stand in support of our LGBTQ community and the community at large. We celebrate the diverse culture that exists in our world, a diversity that helps us become better people—more caring, more supportive, and more accepting,” said Richardson.

VTA pride flag

Board Chair Cindy Chavez highlighted VTA’s efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating an environment where every employee feels they belong. She mentioned the initiative that began with employees undergoing year-long training with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GAER) and how it evolved into VTA establishing a dedicated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion department. “This department ensures our organization reflects our values,” said Chavez.

She emphasized the importance of lifting up the LGBTQ community within the workforce and the broader community.

Omar Torres, the first openly gay man of color on the San Jose City Council and a VTA Board member, expressed his pride and joy in representing his community. “Today, we are showing our VTA community that we are open, inclusive, and committed by raising the Pride flag for our employees, passengers, and directors,” said Torres.

vta pride flag

Before raising the flag, Greg Richardson invited all VTA employees to attend one of the two upcoming lunch-and-learn events organized by the Santa Clara County LGBTQ office, focusing on the foundations of the LGBTQ community and other related topics.

VTA prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing equitable opportunities for all employees to thrive by embracing all backgrounds, cultures, and identities. VTA is committed to ensuring equal opportunity and access for everyone.

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