VTA’s Response to the Civil Grand Jury Report
Stacey Hendler Ross

VTA Board members approved a response to a report issued by the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury on June 18, 2019, citing they do not agree with several underlying assumptions and conclusions. The Civil Grand Jury report examines the operation and governance of VTA as part of their responsibility to assure the public's interest in governmental entities.

The VTA Board voted unanimously, at its September 5th regular meeting, to accept the responses composed by a VTA Ad Hoc Board Enhancement Committee convened by Chair Teresa O’Neill before the Civil Grand Jury report was issued.

VTA’s board is committed to protecting the public resources that allow us to provide transportation options critical to the mobility of two million Santa Clara Valley residents. After a full and careful review of the Grand Jury’s report, the Board issued responses to five findings in the report.

Based on one recommendation of the Grand Jury’s report, the VTA Board has directed staff to commission an independent study to evaluate how VTA’s current governance structure and practices help support VTA’s mission, goals and objectives. The governance study will identify leading practices and potential enhancements for consideration by the Board. The study will soon get underway and will be accompanied by a community engagement process to receive feedback from the public. Stay tuned for more information. 

You can read the VTA Board responses here.

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