March 27, 2023
Bus Stop Makeover – The Next Cycle of the Better Bus Stops Program
VTA is continuing to invest in upgrades to its transit network and has increased efforts to show greater commitment to bus riders and attract new ones by making its facilities more appealing. In 2020...
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October 28, 2020
Survey of Bus Stops Finds a Variety of Décor!
There is no doubt the pandemic has changed business as usual, but it has also allowed us to look at things differently or look at things with an entirely new perspective! Earlier this year, some VTA...
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May 28, 2020
Biking to Better Bus Stops
During the county-mandated Shelter-in-Place order, many VTA staff adapted to working from home and took on new roles. Equipped with their safety vests, measuring wheels, clipboards, and apps in hand...
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