Design Development Framework (DDF) for Downtown San José BART Station Block


VTA created a Design Development Framework (DDF) for the Downtown San José BART station block intended to guide transit-oriented development (TOD) decision-making for the block. TOD increases transit ridership and increases VTA revenues that can then be spent to benefit the public.   

Foster + Partners, an internationally renowned architecture firm based in London that is a member of VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II project team, worked with VTA staff to prepare the DDF. The DDF clearly articulates a world-class transit-oriented vision for the block that capitalizes on the transformational opportunities created by VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension. 

Rendering of new development with a central plaza on the block surrounding the Downtown San Jose BART Station
Rendering of Concept Envisioned for the Downtown San Jose BART Station Block

VTA presented the DDF to the VTA Board in May 2021. If the VTA Board accepts the DDF, VTA staff will use the DDF as a tool to inform future efforts, including evaluation of proposals to develop VTA’s property on the block, and the subsequent creation of a development master plan for the block that would require City of San José approval.

Social Pinpoint Community Feedback Platform  

The Social Pinpoint platform highlights and provides background for some of the key concepts and materials included in the DDF. It also includes features that allow you to leave comments, ideas, and suggestions – as well as comment on or like or dislike comments, ideas, and suggestions provided by others. VTA will fully consider the feedback provided via the Social Pinpoint community feedback platform and appropriately address feedback provided.  

There will be additional opportunities to provide feedback on the BART station itself through other public processes.     

We look forward to hearing what you think about the DDF for the Downtown San José BART station block! Please provide your feedback using the Social Pinpoint community feedback platform.