Can I bring my bike on the bus/light rail?


VTA has equipped all buses with exterior bike racks that can accommodate up to three bicycles. Rapid 522 buses (the long blue ones) can hold three bikes on the front rack plus two inside the rear area of the bus. Riders loading bikes in the rear of the bus may tag their Clipper card on the reader near the back door.

The buses on the Highway 17 Express and the Dumbarton Express are also equipped with bike racks. The Highway 17 Express can accommodate up to three bicycles.  When the racks are filled, up to two bicycles will be allowed inside the bus subject to the driver's discretion when passenger loads are light.

Light Rail

All light rail trains are equipped with bike racks in the center of the train car where it articulates (bends.) Passengers should load their bikes on the rack and can sit in the area to keep an eye on it. Up to four bikes may be stored on racks, with an additional two allowed to stand in the articulated part of the light rail train. Any bike not placed on the rack must be attended by the cyclist.

We ask cyclists to be courteous and follow these rules:

  • Only human powered and sealed dry or gel cell electric assisted bicycles are allowed.

  • Bicyclists shall not block aisles, stepwells or doors of any bus or light rail vehicle.

  • Bicyclists shall avoid getting chain and sprocket grease on the bus, light rail vehicle and other passengers. No muddy bicycles shall be permitted on board at any time.

  • Other passengers shall be allowed to enter and exit first before a bicyclist boards or deboards the bus or light rail vehicle with their bicycle.

  • Bicyclists shall always walk bicycles on passenger platforms at transit centers and on light rail station platforms.

  • Bicyclists shall not chain bicycles to poles, light standards, pillars, etc. at transit centers or on light rail station platforms.

  • All bicycles not taken on buses and light rail vehicles shall be parked off transit center and light rail platforms in bicycle racks or lockers.

  • Bicyclists are responsible for securing their bicycles in the exterior bike rack.

  • Bicycles may be permitted onboard buses at the driver's discretion when:

    1. The bus does not have a fully operational bicycle rack, or;

    2. The exterior rack is filled.

  • A maximum of two bicycles shall be permitted inside the bus if the passenger load permits the safe boarding, deboarding and stowing of the bicycle.

  • Bicyclists shall be responsible for attending their bicycles when bringing them inside the bus.

​​​​​​​VTA has developed a video (including a video in Spanish) explaining how to bring a bike on VTA buses and light rail! Bringing a bike on VTA allows commuters to travel farther distances in Santa Clara County and beyond.