How do I demonstrate my eligibility for the Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Card?

For information about the RTC card eligibility, application forms and other information, please visit

Please be advised: As of January 9, 2022 there are no fees for new and renewal cards, and the replacement card fee is reduced to $3.


1. Basic Eligibility

To qualify for Basic Eligibility, you must present one of the following with your application:

  • Medicare Card (not Medi-Cal)
  • California DMV Placard registration for a parking placard. Card will expire same date as Placard.
  • Other Transit Agency or Visitor Card issued to you by another California transit agency.
  • Proof of Veterans Disability - A copy of your service-connected Disability I.D. Card and VA Certification demonstrating a disability rating for aid and attendance, and a service-connected disability with a rating level of 50% or higher.

2. Medical Eligibility

For Medical Eligibility, Medical Certification forms must be completed by a California licensed professional qualified to diagnose the related disability.

Please contact VTA Customer Service at (408) 321-2300 or TTY at (408) 321-2330 if you would like a form mailed to you or have any other questions.