How do I demonstrate my eligibility for the Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Card?

For information about the RTC card eligibility, application forms and other information, please visit

1. Basic Eligibility

To qualify for Basic Eligibility, you must present one of the following with your application:

  • Medicare Card (not Medi-Cal)
  • California DMV Placard registration for a parking placard. Card will expire same date as Placard.
  • Other Transit Agency or Visitor Card issued to you by another California transit agency.
  • Proof of Veterans Disability - A copy of your service-connected Disability I.D. Card and VA Certification demonstrating a disability rating for aid and attendance, and a service-connected disability with a rating level of 50% or higher.

2. Medical Eligibility

Medical Certification forms must be completed by a California licensed professional qualified to diagnose the related disability.

Please contact VTA Customer Service at (408) 321-2300 or TTY at (408) 321-2330 if you would like a form mailed to you or have any other questions.