How do I use the farebox on VTA buses?

Boarding with a Clipper Card

Tag Clipper cards on the Clipper reader located next to the farebox.


You can use any U.S. coin up to $1.00 in value.  Insert them one at a time. Foreign coins and slugs will be rejected.


The farebox will accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. Bills need to be unfolded and inserted one at a time.

Note: Fareboxes do not make change. Please use exact fare when boarding.

Day Pass Tokens

Simply drop your token in the coin insertion slot and a “smart” Day Pass will be automatically issued. The farebox will not accept any tokens other than VTAday pass tokens.


To board using a paper transfer or pass from ACE, or Capitol Corridor, give your transfer or show your pass to the coach operator. To board using a Highway 17 Express or MST pass, just swipe the pass in the magnetic stripe reader.

Illustration of a VTA farebox showing bill insertion slot, coin insertion cup, and display