How does Express Lanes tolling work?

Tolls change as traffic conditions change. When traffic increases, tolls increase. When traffic decreases, tolls decrease. Solo drivers decide if the travel time savings are worth the price.

A driver is guaranteed the toll shown on the overhead sign at the time the driver enters the Express Lane. If the toll amount changes while the driver is in the lane, the driver pays only the toll posted when first entered.

SR 237 Express Lanes: The westbound direction has one toll zone (south of Dixon Landing Rd. in Milpitas to Mathilda Ave. in Sunnyvale), while the eastbound lane has two zones (from Mathilda Ave. to Zanker Rd.; from Zanker Rd. to I-880). 

US 101/SR 85 Express Lanes: The northbound direction has one toll zone (from SR 237 to Oregon Expressway), while the southbound direction has two zone (from Oregon Expressway to SR85; from SR85 to SR 237)

If a driver exits the lane prior to the end of the zone, the driver is charged the entire toll displayed for that zone.