Where can I enter and exit the SR 237 Express Lanes?

Drivers can enter and exit the 237 Express Lanes anywhere, except where there are double white lines.

Southbound on I-880

When driving southbound on I-880, you may enter the Express Lane in Milpitas, south of Dixon Landing Road where you will see the first overhead Express Lanes FasTrak sign. Solo drivers with a FasTrak transponder risk a ticket if they enter the carpool-only section prior to the first FasTrak sign.

As you continue westbound on SR 237 toward Mountain View, the double white lines will end west of the Zanker Road on-ramp.

Eastbound on SR 237

Going eastbound on SR 237, there are double white lines west of Zanker Road prior to the 237-880 connector. Express lanes traffic wanting to access I-880 South, McCarthy Boulevard, or Calaveras Boulevard will have to exit the lane at Zanker Road.

Map showing the State Route 237 Express Lanes corridor. Westbound lane begins south of Dixon Landing Road on I-880 and continues to Java Drive in Sunnyvale. Westbound express lane starts at Mathilda Ave. on SR 237 and continues to south of Dixon Landing Road.