Construction Notice - Effective May 2024

Notice Cause
Notice Effect(s)
Driveway Closure
Lane Closure
Noise and Vibration
Sidewalk Closure
Traffic Delays
Start Date
End Date

Light rail construction is beginning and this will be a 3.5-4 year marathon. It takes a significant amount of space to build light rail. Construction activities will increase traffic and drive time from permanent and temporary lane closures on Capitol Expressway. There will be a reduction of the speed limit from 50 mph to 35 mph. This means drives must slow down between Quimby and Capitol Avenue.

Construction activities are noisy. there will be large equipment throughout the project area. This equipment and activities cause vibrations that will be felt by people that live or work along the corridor. 


Light rail construction. This project extends light rail from the Alum Rock Station, located on Capitol Avenue, to the Eastridge Transit Center.


Detours will occur as needed.

Community Impacts
  • Increased traffic on Capitol Expressway between Capitol Avenue and Quimby Road.
  • Delay in drive times.
  • Potential delay in drive time when traveling East/West on Story Road and Quimby Road to to construction activities in the intersections.
  • For people living adjacent to Capitol Avenue/Capitol Expressway, increased noise and vibration.
Service Impacts

Intermittent and temporary bus stop relocation or closure on Capitol Expressway between Capitol Avenue and Quimby Road.

Traffic Impacts
  • Reduced speed on Capitol Expressway between Capitol Avenue and Quimby Road (reduce to 35mph)
  • Longer drive time due to lane and speed reductions
  • permanent lane reduction on Capitol Expressway between Capitol Avenue and Quimby Road
  • Removal of carpool lane - open to all vehicles regardless of occupancy
  • Additional long term lane closure and additional intermittent lane closures as needed
  • Reduction and temporary removal of left turn lanes at Story Road and Ocala Avenue (not at the same time)
  • Installation of falsework, pedestrian overcrossing, and bridges will require full closures at location of activities. These will occur overnight and detours will be provided.
Pedestrian Impacts

Temporary/intermittent sidewalk closures. Pedestrians will be provided with safe, alternative solutions.

Bicycle Impacts

Traffic congestion will increase. For your safety, consider an alternative route.