Utility relocations work along S. Capitol Avenue at Crossroads Shopping Center

Notice Cause
Utility Relocation
Notice Effect(s)
Noise and Vibration
Traffic Delays
Start Date
End Date
Utility Work at Crossroads Shopping Center

WHEN: Weather and conditions permitting, preparation work will begin on February 16-March 31. Crews will work Monday through Friday, 7:00 am-5:00 pm.

WHERE: Crossroads Shopping Center (located at 459 and 461 S. Capitol Avenue), activities are in the landscaped area next to the driveway and within the sidewalk along S. Capitol Avenue. Work on Capitol Avenue in the driveway will be done to minimize impacts and keep the driveway accessible. When activities are in front of the driveway, half of the driveway will remain open, and the construction crew will assist traffic accessing the shopping center with flaggers. Full Construction Notice here. 


PG&E and its contractor, (Underground Construction), AT&T, and Comcast will continue the next phase of utility relocations along S. Capitol Avenue, and the landscaped area of the Crossroads Shopping Center located at 459 and 461 S. Capitol Avenue. Workers will be performing construction to install underground utilities.

Community Impacts


  • Installing traffic control (cones) for workers, pedestrians, and traffic safety
  • Heavy construction equipment used for drilling, concrete, and pavement removal
  • Dust
  • Trenching, boring, and installation of utilities
  • Noise from demolition, jackhammering, excavation, and other construction equipment, and truck/backup alarms
  • Partial, intermittent driveway and sidewalk closures as needed
  • Restoration of sidewalks with new concrete/asphalt pavement and the roadway with new asphalt pavement


  • Intermittent, temporary lane closures will take place 8:15 am-4:15 pm
  • No more than one-half of the driveway will close at a time, and construction crews will assist drivers and pedestrians to access the shopping center
  • A pedestrian detour will be provided as needed

NOTES: For the safety of the public and construction workers, traffic control measures will be used when needed. Information and warning signs will be posted to ensure safety. Construction crews will make every effort to maintain access and minimize inconvenience to motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, businesses and neighbors.