Strategic Capital Investment Plan


The VTA Strategic Capital Investment Plan (SCIP) is VTA’s mid-to long-term capital plan. It is a framework and methodology to provide the VTA Board and administration with critical information needed to make informed policy decisions on VTA’s capital assets. The SCIP does not establish funding for projects. Instead, it provides the information necessary to prioritize and fund projects through the biennial budget process. As such, the SCIP is reviewed every two years and updated as needed to reflect changed conditions, funding factors, and/or Board priorities. The first two years of each CAP 6 form the basis for VTA’s biennial capital budget.

The SCIP has a 20-year horizon comprised of two distinct components: (1) the first six-year period (CAP 6); and (2) the remaining 14-year period (CAP 7-20). The CAP 6 is prioritized and fiscally constrained whereas the outer 14 years is neither. Instead, it is a list of projected future needs and resources.