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2016 Measure B

Download the 2016 Measure B Program Areas presentation.

Santa Clara County voters have approved 2016 Measure B, a 30-year, half-cent countywide sales tax to enhance transit, highways, expressways and active transportation (bicycles, pedestrians and complete streets). The measure passed by nearly 72%, the highest level of support for any Santa Clara County transportation tax.

VTA looks forward to working with the community and our partners including the cities and Santa Clara County to advance the investments this sales tax will enable.

2016 Measure B is anticipated to generate between $6 billion and $6.5 billion in 2017 dollars. Tax collections are expected to begin April 2017 and VTA expects to receive its first payment in June 2017. VTA is developing a web presence that will include a data-driven reporting dashboard and an interactive map showing planned, funded and completed projects.​

Citizens Oversight Committee

VTA's Board of Directors has established a process for the creation of the 2016 Measure B Citizens Oversight Committee. Learn more about the Committee's role and responsibilities.

The ballot measure specified that this independent committee would review sales tax revenues and program expenses. It will audit and report on the performance of VTA and the various project sponsors to ensure the funds are being expended consistent with the approved programs in the measure.

VTA seeks eight candidates for this committee through an open application process. Candidates must be registered to vote in Santa Clara County and the selection process will seek a balance of relevant professional experience. 

The term will be four years. Appointments will be recommended by Governance & Audit Committee for ratification by the full VTA Board of Directors.​

Funding Categories

The categories and transportation projects to be funded by 2016 Measure B are as follows:
VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II: $1.5 Billion Downtown San Jose & Santa Clara. Six miles, four stations. New regional rail corridor. Links to major transit  Bicycle and Pedestrian Program $250 million. Eliminate bike/ped gaps. Improve connections, mobility. Safer, more convenient.Caltrain Corridor Capacity Improvements $314 million. Expand ridership capacity. Level boarding. Countywide service improvements.Caltrain Grade Separations $700 million. Separate tracks from roadways. Safer for pedestrians, bicyclists. Reduce traffic congestion.County Expressways $750 million. 20 candidate projects. Intersections/interchanges, widening, grade separations. Reduce congestion, improve connections.Highway Interchanges $750 million. 24 candidate projects. Connectors, on/off ramps, widening. Improve connectivity, safety, reduce congestion.Local Streets and Roads $1.2 billion. Road repairs/improvements. Complete Streets requirement. All cities/towns receive funds.State Route 85 Corridor $350 million. Corridor transit study. Transit and congestion relieve projects. Noise abatement.Transit Operations $500 million. Increase bus frequency. First/last mile connections. Programs: seniors, disabled, low-income, students.

​Transportation projects, especially larger projects, are typically built using a variety of funding sources. A countywide sales tax provides a local revenue source that can be leveraged to help obtain additional funds through regional, state and federal fund sources.

What's Next and Upcoming Meetings

With the passage of the sales tax, VTA must develop guidelines for each of the nine program areas as described in the resolution that created the measure. In order to allow for sufficient time to discuss each of the nine program areas, VTA will present the proposed guidelines for three of the programs each month beginning in February. VTA will present the final set of draft guidelines in May.

The following VTA committees will be discussing the guidelines as part of their regularly scheduled meetings. The public is welcome to attend these meetings to learn more about the proposed guidelines and provide input. Please click each for meeting dates, agendas and a description of each committee.

The Citizen’s Oversight Committee being formed will also ensure transparency and accountability. 

Chart of work plan for 2016 Measure B. Dec 2016 Review work plan. January 2017 TAC Workshop. January-March Develop program area guidelines. Feb-Apr – Review draft program area guidelines. April Board Workshop. June 2017 Board Adoption.

Do you have feedback on long-range transportation programs and projects that you’d like to share right away? Please email us at