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February 08, 2024
Valley Transportation Authority campaign "It Stops Here!" aims to STOP harassment on public transit
At VTA, there is no place for harassment, whether on our vehicles, at stops, at stations, or anywhere. Safety and security are core values at VTA, and we are committed to a safe, harassment-free...
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February 07, 2024
VTA Shares Updates on State of Light Rail System
VTA kicked off its first Ask VTA of 2024 with an update on the state of its light rail system and information about what’s to come in the near future, which includes overhead wire and rail repair work...
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February 05, 2024
Women Innovating Transit (WIT): VTA’s Female Front-Line Workers Unite for Support and Empowerment
Identifying and addressing the unique challenges women face in public transit, particularly in frontline roles, is the mission of a newly formed group at VTA known as Women Innovating Transit, or “WIT...
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Stacey Hendler Ross

Stacey Hendler Ross
Public Information Officer

Sandra Bermudez

Sandra Bermudez
Media Spokesperson 

Marina Chakmakjian

Marina Chakmakjian
Media Spokesperson 

Tyler Pesavento

Tyler Pesavento
Public Communications Specialist


License for Video and Photos on VTA Property

When a license is required

VTA requires those who wish to film, videotape or shoot still photos on VTA property while engaged in a commercial, non-profit activity or for educational purposes to have a license to film, video, or photograph.

VTA External Affairs Department issues licenses. VTA charges a fee based on the scope of the filming; the fee includes staff time as indicated in the Permit Fee Schedule (see below). Proof of liability insurance will be required prior to license approval. A VTA staff member will escort those without a license off VTA property.

When a license is not required

Non-commercial, personal use photography and news media are exempt from the requirement to obtain a license.

If you are a paying passenger, then there is no specific prohibition to taking photographs in areas that are accessible to the public provided you do not interfere with passenger movement, appear to be a security threat, or involved in a commercial activity.

However, if you are taking photographs in an unauthorized area or are involved in a commercial enterprise, VTA staff or security may ask you to identify yourself and possibly escort you off VTA property if your activity requires a license.

 If you require a license
  • The approval process takes up to 10 days from receipt of application.
  • A fee will be determined based on your specific filming request.
  • VTA will not issue licenses until all fees are paid in full and a copy of your insurance certificate is received.

Download the Application to Film/Photograph, Insurance and Other Requirements and Application to Film/Photograph Request (see below).

Complete the application with details of the activity including date and location of filming requested, number of filming crew, equipment used, etc. Email or fax your application to or fax to (408) 321-7537.

Download Forms

Public Records Request

Public Records Request

To request for public records information, please use the electronic Public Records Request form. You may also contact VTA through:


Office of the Board Secretary
3331 N. First Street
San Jose, CA   95134


(408) 321-5680