What Moves You?
Art in Motion: November
Dariela Heredia

As we move closer to the holidays, VTA has already started celebrating! A new month means a new featured artist for the Art in Motion campaign!

For November, VTA is featuring Tshaka Campbell as Poet of the Month. Tshaka is an internationally accomplished poet, artist and performer. He is a husband and father inspired by life and continues to ask the world to “Listen Different.”

A few months ago, VTA had the honor of filming a commercial with Tshaka. It’s been hard to keep under wraps but, finally, here it is: Tshaka Campbell reading his poem ‘The Journey.’

After living in London, New York City, and now San Jose, Tshaka is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of city life. In his poem ‘The Journey,’ he powerfully describes the daily voyage all big city natives are familiar with. Even more so, those who take public transit.

VTA’s Art in Motion campaign is an effort to strengthen the relationship between VTA & its riders through art and poetry. The campaign is framed by the question ‘What moves you?’ as artists explore themes of motion and emotion. Previous featured artists include Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Mike McGee, and Rhode Island School of Design alum Mahoney Perkins.

If you are interested in being part of our Art in Motion campaign, post your art or poetry online with the hashtag #ArtistsOfVTA for a chance to be featured.



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