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Bring Your Best Ideas for Tech in Transportation

Since launching our Ask VTA series in late 2022, VTA staff members have answered hundreds of questions about transportation in Santa Clara County, covering everything from bike racks to greenhouse gas emissions. This month, we’re turning the tables. Don’t ask VTA, tell VTA! Join our staff for an innovative brainstorming session about technology use in transit.

Ask VTA: Innovation Brainstorm

Tuesday, September 12; 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Online via Zoom

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Transportation is increasingly being influenced by new technologies. Ride-hailing services, real-time transit information, e-bikes/scooters, self-driving technologies and mobile ticketing and trip planning have taken hold over the past decade. Innovative approaches to street design like converting space for cars into other uses like protected bike lanes, transit-only lanes, parklets, outdoor dining and pedestrian-only spaces are also becoming more common. However, many ideas that seemed promising have also proven non-viable and many predictions about what technology could achieve by now seem foolish in hindsight.

VTA is working to navigate this changing world, being careful not to take on risks that could backfire while also finding ways to make transportation safer, greener and more convenient. We invite you to learn more about how VTA approaches transportation innovation and then share ideas of your own with our Innovation Team. We'll explore the pros and cons and think creatively together.

We are especially interested in hearing pragmatic ideas that are rooted in actual problems. Is there a transportation issue you’ve experienced that you think could be solved with an innovative approach? Is there a technology you have seen applied elsewhere that VTA could pursue? Talk to us about it.

Ask VTA is a facilitated virtual question-and-answer session between VTA subject matter experts and the public. We look to provide space for conversation about transit, transportation, and other VTA programs.

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