car and train colliding graphic
Cars and Trains Don't Mix - Don't Let Your Guard Down!
Stacey Hendler Ross

Did you know that California leads the nation in the number of fatalities and injuries of people who “trespass” on railroad tracks?  “Trespassing” in the rail industry means “being on the tracks when you are not supposed to be.” Intentional or accidental, if you are on a train track at the wrong time, it’s all bad.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority has 42 miles of light rail train track running throughout the County, mostly at the same grade level as the streets that cars and other vehicles drive on. That means cars and trains are basically “sharing the road” especially at intersections, so Don’t Let Your Guard Down!

If you are distracted by your phone, your radio, your conversation with a passenger, or anything else, you may not notice that you are about to turn onto the tracks at the wrong time. Don’t Let Your Guard Down! Intersections that cross light rail tracks have designated left turn signals to let motorists know when it’s safe to turn. We urge you to pay attention to YOUR signal at all times.

Even though safety on the VTA bus and rail system is at the forefront all year long, we are taking the opportunity throughout the month of September, Rail Safety Month, to remind you: Don’t Let Your Guard Down!

Click here for more information on safety around VTA rail.

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