Transit Safety

VTA makes safety a top priority and is always evaluating processes, procedures and features of our system to improve safety and to adapt to changing safety needs. This section of our website is dedicated to educating the public on some of the safety features and programs that are in place to help ensure we are operating safely and to share information about what riders, pedestrians and motorists can do help ensure their own safety.


Download the free VTAlerts app to report safety concerns, suspicious activities and medical emergencies.

Bus Rider Safety

Riding the bus helps to reduce traffic congestion, car emissions, and stress, but it’s important to always be safe when using the system. VTA instructs operators on how to be safe while driving and we ask riders to act in a safe manner as well.

Accidents are minimized when the operator, passengers, motorists and pedestrians all observe good safety practices. VTA wants to get you to your destination on time and safely.


Will a bus driver help my child if they are in trouble?

Will the bus let me off where there is no stop?

Light Rail Rider Safety

Light rail is a great way travel. Trains are fast, operate along a dedicated right of way and often get traffic signal priority to help speed you along your way. Though riding light rail is a very safe form of transportation, passengers should be aware of their surroundings and practice good safety behaviors.


Will a bus driver help my child if they are in trouble?