In Case of Power Outage
Brandi Childress

All power has been restored to our facilities and we do not anticipate further impacts.

UPDATE: Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 12 noon

PG&E is planning to shut down Eastridge Transit Center and the Access Paratransit building in East San Jose. These facilities will be running on a backup power source. Traffic lights in the area will also be impacted which may cause VTA bus schedules to be delayed.

No impacts to VTA light rail service are expected at this time.

[Tues, Oct. 8 at 5 p.m.]

VTA is planning to continue service to the best of our ability in the event of power outages around Santa Clara County.

We do not anticipate impacts to systems that power our light rail trains based on information PG&E is providing but we are keeping a close watch.

This situation will be handled the same way we respond in any emergency, and that is to keep service running under external conditions while making sure we communicate any impacts to our customers as quickly as we can and through various channels:

Please download the Transit app for real-time alerts, or follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information.

If traffic lights are out, that could certainly impact bus schedules and we would ask that customers be patient, as the buses will be stuck in the same traffic as everyone else. If traffic issues are severe, some bus lines may be re-routed although that is not the expectation at this time.

VTA facilities that could be affected include our Eastridge Transit Center where lights may be out. VTA's Access Paratransit Center is also located near the area of potential power outages but we will have a backup power source to continue operations.

Customers are also encouraged to call Customer Service Representatives with questions at 408-321-2300 or via email 



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