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CTC Approves Funding for Traffic Relief in Santa Clara County

On May 16, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) approved $2.7 billion in funding for 61 transportation projectsthat will increase safety, decrease congestion, and move goods more efficiently throughout the state.

At its meeting, the Commission approved funding for three competitive programs created by the Road Repair and Accountability Act (SB 1, Beall): the Local Partnership Program, the Solutions for Congested Corridors Program, and the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program.
VTA applied for three projects that were approved through these competitive programs.

They include:

  • Improvements to the so-called “Mathilda Monster” interchange along Mathilda Avenue from US 101 to Innovation Way just north of State Route 237. The $42 million project received a $17 million grant award, and will also provide for new and improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities for safer and easier access. This project is one of the City of Sunnyvale’s highest roadway improvement priorities to address existing congestion on Mathilda Avenue.
  • Planning efforts to address congestion along Highway 101 to the SR 25 off-ramp in South Santa Clara County. Different alternatives will be studied to provide the most congestion relief with the available funds. This study will cost $4.2 million.
  • Express lanes in Mountain View and Palo Alto will see $33 million in funding. This project will convert the existing HOV lanes on US 101 from SR 237 to the San Mateo County line.  It will also convert the 101/85 carpool-to-carpool direct connectors to express lane connectors up to about SR 237 on SR 85. VTA and San Mateo submitted a joint application with MTC and Caltrans for a total of $233 million, including express lanes in San Mateo County.

The Eastridge to BART Regional Connector, a light rail extension from Eastridge Transit Center to Alum Rock Transit Center, previously received $9 million in SB 1 formula funding needed to complete the project.

In the press release issued by the CTC, Commissioner Paul Van Konynenburg said, “It’s important to think about this funding as a river, not a pond. By increasing the gas tax, SB 1 provides a steady, ongoing source of revenue for the next decade and beyond, so there will continue to be funding for much-needed projects.”

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