Capitol Expressway light rail rendering
Environmental Reports Available for Review – Eastridge to BART Regional Connector
Kathleen Podrasky

VTA has completed and released the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report-2 (SEIR-2) for the Eastridge to BART Regional Connector Project (EBRC). The project would extend light rail along Capitol Expressway between the existing Alum Rock Light Rail Station and the Eastridge Transit Center in the City of San Jose. The Final SEIR-2 is a formal document and process that addresses design and engineering updates made since 2016. It is available on the project web page.
The Final SEIR-2 contains three volumes. Volume I includes the Revised Draft SEIR-2, Response to over 60 Comments received from the public last fall, and Major Revisions to the Draft SEIR-2. Volume II provides the technical appendices, such as the Supplemental Transportation Analysis and Noise and Vibration Assessment. Volume III contains the Second Subsequent Initial Study that discusses the effect of the proposed changes of the approved project on resources other than transportation, air quality, noise and vibration, environmental justice, and construction.
The VTA Board is scheduled to consider certification of the Final SEIR-2 at its June 6 meeting. If there are any comments on the responses provided in the report, they can be submitted in writing by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. This ensures comments can be distributed to VTA’s Board of Directors with their agenda packet. Oral comments may also be provided in person at the VTA Board Meeting.
Written comments can be submitted via the following methods:


Christina Jaworski, Senior Environmental Planner
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Environmental Programs
3331 North First Street, Building B-2
San Jose, CA 95134

If you have any questions about the Final SEIR-2, please contact Christina Jaworski, Senior Environmental Planner, at 408-321-5789, or .
VTA staff will continue to meet with neighborhood associations, identifying and reaching out to stakeholders, and responding to inquiries. If your neighborhood association, HOA, PTA, or other community group would like us to make a presentation on this project, or any other VTA project, contact Community Outreach and Public Engagement at 408-321-7575, or email us at