ghost bike
Ghost Bikes Represent Lives Lost in Rail Accidents
Brandi Childress

Perhaps you have seen them on the side of the road or chained to a pole at a busy intersection. White painted bikes, otherwise known as ghost bikes, are symbols used to honor bicyclists who have been fatally injured in a collision with a motor vehicle.

VTA's ongoing safety campaign has adapted this tragic tribute to memorialize lives lost in a light rail train accident. You will begin to see ghost bikes placed in various locations throughout our light rail system, not only as a memorial but as a reminder that even the smallest, seemingly innocuous decision can have the biggest impact.

Light rail train cars can weigh up to 50 tons, and they cannot swerve or stop on a dime. When crossing light rail tracks, never ignore safety precautions in place. Remember to obey all traffic laws and do not deliberately go around or under gate crossings, or become so distracted with phones and other devices that you are unaware of your surroundings. 

Always look both ways, even after one train has passed. There is typically another train coming from the other direction, sometimes within seconds of the first.

Please help spread the word by sharing this blog or our social media posts and, if you see a ghost bike during your commute, take a picture of it (safely!) with #waitatthegate to help us honor those lives lost.

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