VMT Chart
How Would You Cut Back on Driving?

Can new development projects lead to improved transportation options for your community? With the Equitable Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Mitigation Program, VTA seeks to develop a framework where cities, the county and developers can work together to reduce driving and improve equity along the way.

VMT is a measure of the total amount of driving in a given area over a certain time period, like a day or a year. The amount of VMT is related to important issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, noise pollution, and street safety. Thus, lowering VMT improves both quality of life and the environment.

Due to a recent change in state law, cities and counties are now required to consider the amount of VMT when they evaluate projects like new housing, office buildings, or stores. You can learn more about VMT by viewing our “What is VMT and Why Does it Matter?” and “Why It’s Important to Reduce VMT” videos, which break the concept down further.

In this project, VTA is working with the cities and the county to develop the framework for an equitable program to reduce the amount of driving from land use developments in Santa Clara County that works across city lines and improves travel options.

We want to hear from you! Members of the public can contribute to the project by participating in a Community Web Survey by December 8, 2023. The survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete, asks for information about how you travel, challenges you face, and your preferences for improvements. Survey participants will be eligible to win one of five loaded $50 Clipper Cards. Winners will be selected randomly.

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