Team Work
“I’d Like to Kiss the Person Who Cleaned”

We love to hear good news from our riding public.  Likewise, we like to share info about the good work our employees do.  Today, we share a story of a VTA passenger in a wheelchair who reported illegally dumped items and a biohazard smell which prevented her from using a VTA bus shelter.

On March 26, 2024 at 3:17pm VTA Customer Service received a call from a transit passenger notifying us that a shelter on Blossom Hill Road and Meridian needed clean up due to garbage, urine and a shopping cart full of junk blocking the shelter. The passenger, who uses a wheelchair, had limited space available to her as a result of the large items illegally dumped at VTA’s shelter. Customer Service forwarded the cleaning request to VTA Passenger Facilities team who immediately sent the cleaning request to VTA’s bus shelter advertising vendor Clear Channel Outdoor to address, as is our regular routine.

March 27, 2024 at 9:28am, less than 24 hours after the report came in, VTA Customer Service received another phone call from the same passenger stating the following, “… all garbage is removed, bus stop is cleaned and looks beautiful.” She went on to say she'd

" to kiss the person who cleaned to say thank you!"

What a great example of teamwork, communication and action. Special shout-out to Staci Webb and Daniel Cortez-Flores of Passenger Facilities and VTA vendor Clear Channel Outdoor who gave this issue the attention it deserved. [We blew them a kiss for you!]

We rely on VTA operators, employees and the public to report maintenance and safety issues. If you see a safety, maintenance or other obstructive issue at a VTA bus shelter please report it to VTA Customer Service (408-321-2300) or download VTAlerts on your smart phone. 

Clean VTA facilities keep our riders safe and help to provide the best possible experience on transit. And it makes us feel pretty good too.

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