Crews perform light rail track maintenance
Light Rail Track Work Planned for February

UPDATE (3/1/22) - Track work at 1st & Younger in San Jose has been extended through Sunday, March 6. Bus Bridge will continue between Civic Center and Gish. Regular light rail service will resume Monday morning, March 7. 
VTA's light rail tracks are undergoing routine maintenance in the coming weeks as part of our Rail Rehabilitation and Replacement Program. This work will require some temporary bus bridges and road closures, so riders are encouraged to plan ahead. Here’s the latest on what to expect.

North First & Younger Track Replacement

Let’s start by setting expectations here – this track rehab will be more disruptive to both passengers and drivers. It’s a necessary inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience. 

Starting Thursday, February 17, through Sunday, March 6, crews are replacing the embedded tracks running through the intersection of North First Street and Younger Avenue, between E. Hedding and I-880. The North First Street & Younger Avenue intersection will be closed to both vehicle and foot traffic for much of the project, so expect lane closures and detours.

This is a crucial rail junction, known as the Younger “Half Grand,” where trains enter and exit the Guadalupe Yard maintenance facility, in addition to operating Green and Blue Line service along North First Street.

Bus bridge notice for 1st & Younger track closure

A bus bridge will be in effect between Gish and Civic Center Stations for the duration of the project as trains will be unable to operate through the area. Riders should plan for extra travel time, given the temporary bus bridge and ongoing operator shortages. VTA will operate modified light rail and bus bridge schedules during construction.

Track replacement is a large undertaking, which will include jackhammering, dust, and night work. Crews will install a temporary noise-dampening perimeter fence, and neighbors will receive notice of construction two weeks in advance. We thank the community for their patience as we ensure a state of good repair.

two types of rail historically used on VTA tracks
Tee Rail (left) and Girder Rail (right).

Some History

The embedded rail dates back to the system’s original construction in the 80’s! At the time, Girder Rail was the VTA standard for embedded light rail track, while Tee Rail was used for open ballast track. Since then, Tee Rail has become the VTA standard for all track conditions.  Using a single track type is beneficial to our state of good repair program, as it makes it easier to maintain the track and Tee rail tends to last longer. The result is reduced cost of track maintenance. In addition, Tee Rail is more readily available and can be purchased locally in the U.S., while Girder Rail is typically purchased from overseas.

As always, VTA Customer Service is here to help should customers need help getting around during construction. Just call (408) 321-2300 or email


Virginia Station Track Maintenance

The first round of track rehab will take place over the weekend of February 5-6 adjacent to the Virginia Station (Blue Line) in San Jose.

Crews will be swapping out wood ties that are due for replacement. During construction, both Virginia and Children’s Discovery Museum Stations will be closed. A bus bridge will be in effect between Convention Center and Tamien Stations. The bus bridge will not serve Virginia Station. Passengers can access the Virginia Station neighborhood via Tamien Light Rail Station or bus routes 25 and 64A.  

As the tracks run along CA-87, the left lane of the highway will be closed in both directions to accommodate track work.

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