light rail train with santa teresa headsign
Making More Progress with Light Rail Service

Beginning Sunday morning, September 12, VTA light rail service will expand to include the entire Blue Line, from Baypointe to Santa Teresa, including all stops in between.

We thank you for your patience and support as we work to bring back our full system.  Unfortunately, the route down to Santa Teresa took a bit longer because of work needed to repair vandalism to some of the equipment.  Please, if you See Something, Say Something, and report vandalism along the transit system by contacting VTA’s Customer Service Department at 408-321-2300, or download our VTAlert app.

The Orange Line, from Alum Rock to Mountain View Transit Center, is also fully operational (starting August 29,) along with part of the Green Line from Old Ironsides to Diridon Station. 

And always remember, now that light rail is running, please obey all signs, signals and crossing gates. #StayAlertStayAlive

And speaking of crossing gates…we haven’t forgotten about our Green Line! The one with so. many. crossing gates.  We are in the process of assuring that every single one works properly along the many pedestrian and vehicle crossings along the Green Line.  We anticipate opening the rest of that line very soon. 

Finally, free fares, which were originally scheduled to end Sept. 12, will continue for light rail through September 30th.

Again, thank you for hanging in there with us.  Thanks for the homemade welcome back signs, and the supportive comments on social media.  We appreciate you!

September 12 light rail map


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