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March AskVTA to Talk Jobs, Grants, and Contracting Opportunities

There are more than 2,000 dedicated employees at VTA working together to move people around Santa Clara County. It takes many pieces to complete this puzzle, from the more visible positions such as bus and light rail operators to the more “hidden” jobs in IT, human resources, and finance. This month we'll be sharing information about what type of career paths are available at VTA (hint - it's probably more than you think!). We'll also be shedding some light on what the hiring process and benefits look like. Ensuring that dedicated, enthusiastic people are on board at VTA is key to delivering transportation and transit for the residents of Santa Clara County. 

We also want to talk about how folks can work with – and alongside – VTA. Large and small companies have opportunities to contract on various construction projects and professional services. We're sharing how that happens, and how your business can participate. 

The final piece of this month's Ask VTA will showcase a new Transit-Oriented Communities Grant Program available to Santa Clara County municipalities, jurisdictions, and community organizations   to support VTA’s vision of equitable Transit-Oriented Communities. Grants will be available in the areas of Planning and Policy Implementation; Community Resilience; Education and Engagement; and Placemaking, Arts, and Activation. Work alongside VTA to help create the community you want to see. 

As always, come with your questions! 

Ask VTA – Working For & With VTA
Thursday, March 21
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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Ask VTA is a facilitated virtual question-and-answer session between VTA subject matter experts and the public. This online event provides a space for conversation about transit, transportation, and other VTA programs.

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