Mathilda Ave Improvement Project map
Mathilda Interchange Update - It's Getting Better!
Stacey Hendler Ross

The first part of reconstruction at the Mathilda Avenue Interchange is complete and open for smoother traffic flow.

As a part of the Mathilda Avenue Improvement at SR237 and US101 Project, the reconfigured US 101 South off-ramp to Mathilda Avenue  opened on Friday, November 1.The newly configured off-ramp (Exit 396 A) provides two dedicated left and right turn lanes at a new signalized intersection, allowing for continuation onto either northbound or southbound Mathilda Avenue. This new safety improvement negates the need for a U-turn movement at the Almanor/Ahwanee Ave intersection for access to northbound Mathilda Avenue.

The traffic shift began Thursday night, and the new off-ramp  opened Friday morning before the a.m. commute. 

For more information on this ongong traffic improvement project, check out our website:

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