US 101/Blossom Pedestrian Overcrossing Rendering
New Traffic Signals to Improve Bike/Ped Safety at US 101/Blossom Hill

-Updated January 20, 2022-

As construction continues on the US 101/Blossom Hill Road Interchange Improvement Project, drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike will notice some signal and signage changes that improve safety along the northbound off-ramp at the intersection of Silver Creek Valley Road/Blossom Hill Road and Coyote Creek Road. 

New Traffic Signals at US 101/Blossom Hill MAP

New Right Turn Rules

no right turn digital signage

The way travelers use this intersection is changing, and so too must the rules of the road. To enhance bike/pedestrian safety, the intersection will soon have new rules about how and when cars may make a right turn. This is made clear to drivers through newly installed "No Right on Red" signs and "No Right Turn" digital signals.

The "No Right on Red" sign has been installed for vehicles traveling south on Coyote Creek Road.

LED "No Right Turn" signals are installed and will be activated on the morning of January 20, in preparation for the pedestrian overcrossing above the US 101 on-ramp. Signals are directed toward cars traveling eastbound on Silver Creek Valley Road, westbound on Blossom Hill Road, and northbound on Coyote Creek Road. A right turn on red will only be allowed when the digital "No Right Turn" signals are off.

no right on red sign

For drivers, this may take some getting used to, but it is important that we make this change. If the car behind you is honking for you to go, stay put. It’s a moving violation that comes with a fine!

The soon-to-be-completed overcrossing provides for greater bike/pedestrian access, thereby changing the nature of travel through the intersection. Simply put, there will be more people and bicyclists that drivers must watch out for. 

Pedestrian-first solutions like this give pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars their dedicated times through the intersections, and will help to prevent dangerous conflicts in the crosswalk between Blossom Hill Road and the Odette Morrow Trail. 

For additional information on the project, contact VTA Community Outreach at (408) 321-7575, (TTY) 408-321-2330, or email You can also visit the project website to learn more and/or sign up for updates:

101/blossom pedestrian overcrossing map

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