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Passenger Pass-Ups are Declining with Revised Social Distance

Overshadowed by the tragic event of last Wednesday, a new social distancing protocol that went into effect to allow more passengers on VTA buses, is helping to cut down on the number of passengers being passed up.

The revised social distance is 3 feet between passengers.  Groups travelling together will be counted as one passenger. Passengers are responsible for ensuring they maintain the 3-foot distance, and for the safety of bus operators, customers are required to remain behind the yellow limit line after boarding and paying fare.

Since the revised social distance requirement went into effect, VTA has seen a significant decrease in the number of passengers who were passed-up at bus stops because capacity was full with only 6 to 8 passengers on board.

As of May 26, the following capacities are in effect:

  • Light Rail – 34 passengers per car
  • 30-foot bus – 15 passengers per bus
  • 40-foot bus – 18 passengers per bus
  • 60-foot bus – 26 passengers per bus

Please Prepare for Limited Staffing Beginning Thursday, June 3

Bus operators report pass-ups have significantly decreased, and our bus network is operating normally. However, we expect to have significant staff limitations beginning Thursday, June 3 stretching into next week, as employees attend funerals for the victims of the mass shooting. We are taking advantage of offers of augmented service from local transit agencies, but even that will not allow VTA service to operate at full strength. 

Please allow more time for your travel plans, and contact vta.org for on-line trip planning help or call Customer Service at 408-321-2300.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented difficult circumstances.



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