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Ready for Launch! VTA’s All New Service December 28, 2019
Brandi Childress

*Edited on 11/21/19 to clarify information about Express Bus service and links to changes

On December 28, 2019, VTA is rolling out a more frequent bus network, improved bus routes and a new light rail line. The anticipation has been building and we look forward to these improvements that will result in shorter waits, 20 all-day frequent routes operating every 15 minutes or better, and streamlined connections to regional services.

Check out the website to learn how this new network can help you live more productively, sustainably, and healthy. On our website, you can:

Instead of BART service…

BART service to Santa Clara County will be deferred until VTA and BART develop a revised testing and training plan to ensure safe and reliable start of passenger service. Until then, we will make just a few modifications to the service plan to accommodate trips that would otherwise by made on BART to the Milpitas and Berryessa/North San Jose Transit Centers.

For example, Express Bus 181 will continue to operate until BART service opens in the future stopping at the I-880/Milpitas light rail station. *Express Routes 120, 140 and 180 will be discontinued, although BART service will not open. Potential alternatives are available on Express Bus 181 or the new VTA Light Rail Orange Line. Customer service representatives are standing by to help trip plan.

For more details on how your route may be changing, go to before the new service launch on December 28, 2019. 


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