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Safe Routes to School are Everyone’s Responsibility

At VTA, our hearts go out to the family of Ashley Dias and the students, faculty, and families of Stanley Middle School in Lafayette.  And we want to take this opportunity to remind our readers of the Safe Routes to School program.

Ashley Dias, volunteer crossing guard killed while protecting children from traffic

Mr. Dias was the volunteer crossing guard who was killed saving students from a car that struck him in an intersection near the middle school Wednesday, September 8.  He was a former student of that school, and while he lived and worked in San Francisco as a Biotech research associate, he would often help out on visits back home, filling gaps to helping students safely navigate their way to school.

To be sure, getting kids back into classrooms feels strange and new after being shuttered due to the pandemic. But that only emphasizes the importance of everyone who’s driving, walking, bicycling near schools to be on high alert for safe practices. Put down cell phones whether you’re driving, biking, or walking to and from schools. Keep an eye out before walking, biking, or driving through an intersection, just to name a few best practices.

As the Congestion Management Agency of Santa Clara County, VTA funds Safe Routes to School programs through 2016 Measure B tax receipts,  allocated towards Bicycle and Pedestrian Education and Encouragement Programs. Support for neighborhoods includes trainings, workshops, resource development and sharing of best practices.  We strongly encourage you to find out more about the program and get involved.  Find more information about the Safe Routes to Schools Program here.

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