2019 New transit service plan
Service Frequency Improvements Means Fewer Bus Riders Passed Up

VTA will increase the frequency of seven bus routes to address the urgent issue of passenger pass ups, a move that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our transit service. Frequency improvements will occur on lines 23, 25, 64, 66, 68, 71, 77 - the routes with higher demand and most affected by passenger pass ups. These changes will go into effect as soon as all of the logistics can be worked out, which is expected to take several weeks. VTA is making these changes instead of proceeding with a more comprehensive transit service plan, which will be revisited next year.

This approach will maximize the resources we have available, including bus operators, buses, and finances while still operating under the current public health social distancing mandate of six feet. On average, an estimated 650 passengers a day are being passed when buses reach COVID capacities and go into “drop-off only” mode, leaving customers waiting for the next uncrowded bus. Customers can sign up to receive service alerts and get real-time crowding information via the Transit app.

The table below shows a detailed description of the changes for each of the seven routes. There are also slight modifications that will be made to two other routes:

  • 523 – End weekday service at SJSU instead of Berryessa BART
  • 64 – End 64B Saturday and Sunday service at SJSU instead of McKee & White
Frequency increases of seven routes



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