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Share Your Ideas for Transportation Solutions in Morgan Hill
Stacey Hendler Ross

How do we come up with the most efficient, affordable ways to travel around Morgan Hill?

That’s what we hope to answer with a community workshop on the Morgan Hill Community-Based Transportation Plan, and we can use your help.

In January 2019, VTA received a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to develop a transportation plan that focuses on disadvantaged communities and areas of concern within the city of Morgan Hill.

This is an eight-month, grassroots engagement effort to obtain information on current mobility needs, community input, and feedback from communities of low-income, non-English speakers, elderly, and those with disabilities.
The Morgan Hill Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP) is a community-driven investment plan for transportation solutions that reflect the needs, priorities, and values of the diverse Morgan Hill community. The objectives are to:

  • Emphasize community participation in prioritizing transportation needs and identifying potential solutions
  • Foster collaboration between local residents, community-based organizations, VTA, city staff, and MTC
  • Involve community-based organizations in the planning process

Get involved! Join us:
Community Workshop: Morgan Hill Community-Based Transportation Plan
Wednesday, May 29, 2019, at 7:00 PM
Morgan Hill Council Chambers
17575 Peak Ave. Morgan Hill, CA 95037
The purpose of this workshop and other outreach efforts to date is to meet with residents and learn if the available programs, services, and infrastructure are meeting their mobility needs and if not what else can be done.

Additional information on how residents can utilize VTA’s services to get to their destinations will also be available. The goal is to develop a transportation plan including locally identified transportation needs and solutions that address them.

Transportation and mobility solutions identified in CBTP may be prioritized for funding through the Lifeline Transportation Program. These funds are dedicated to addressing transportation gaps or barriers identified in CBTP.

For more information on the Morgan Hill Community-Based Transportation Plan visit:


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