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Stay Alert, Stay Alive – Rail Safety Reminder

As light rail service is gradually reactivated after having been down since the May 26 tragedy, it coincides, by chance, with National Rail Safety Month.   September is traditionally the month when rail agencies renew reminders to stay safe around rail tracks and crossings. At VTA we’re asking you to “Stay Alert Stay Alive.”

With the light rail system down for three months throughout Santa Clara County, some may have let their guard down around tracks or crossings, but the trains are back on part of the system, and the rest of the system will be running soon.

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Please remember the following safety tips when traveling on or around the VTA light rail system, whether you’re on foot, bike or in a vehicle.

•    LOOK both ways before crossing our tracks. Watch for warning signs and stay behind the yellow line when you’re on a light rail platform.

•    Remove your headphones and LISTEN for the light rail train and any audible warning signals that let you know a light rail train is approaching a stop or a crossing.

•    PAY ATTENTION to warning signs and street and pedestrian crossing gates. They are there to protect you and remind you to only cross the tracks when it is safe to do so.

Protective measures in place around VTA light rail stations and tracks should never be ignored.

For more safety tips, please watch and share this VTA Safety video.  And don’t forget to spread the word, “Stay Alert, Stay Alive”.


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