Aerial View of Completed Mathilda Project
Thanks to Measure B and our Partners, the “Mathilda Monster” is Tamed!

Mathilda Avenue improvements at US 101 and SR 237 first project completed with funds from 2016 levy

If you have driven, walked, biked or taken transit near the Mathilda Avenue interchange at US 101 and SR 237, you’ve likely noticed some significant improvements. Those include improved safety and congestion, and a better overall travel experience for all forms of transportation. The transformation from what had been dubbed the “Mathilda Monster” has created a new subdued and docile corridor.

This $42 million project is the first to be completed with 2016 Measure B funds. Because of a delay in accessing those funds, the City of Sunnyvale stepped up to provide $8 million, along with Caltrans, which provided $17 million in State Prop 1B funding, to ensure the project was able to start on time.

In lieu of the grand ribbon-cutting event VTA was planning that got scuttled by the COVID-19 pandemic, a video was produced to highlight the projects features and recognize the elected officials, project partners, and stakeholders who made it all possible.

The project includes new on/off ramps from US 101, a third lane on Mathilda Avenue in each direction, new traffic signals and a realigned off ramp from SR 237. In addition, there are new bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements such as a multipurpose trail and pedestrian access across VTA light rail tracks.

View the complete project page.

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