BART TOC playbook
Transforming “Development” into “Community” - Draft TOCs Playbooks are Live
Gretchen Baisa

Curious about potential growth near each of the future BART Silicon Valley Phase II station areas? After almost two years of community engagement, station-area land use analysis and coordination with the cities of San Jose and Santa Clara, VTA is excited to release our Draft Transit Oriented Communities (TOCs) Strategy Study Playbooks. 

The Playbooks provide a well-defined roadmap for planning professionals and policy-makers to consider as they seek to enhance the growth, vitality and access near VTA's BART Phase II Station Areas.  Specific recommendations are made for the Santa Clara, Downtown and 28th Street/Alum Rock Station Areas.  Take a look and see what is possible near your neighborhood!  The Playbooks can be accessed via the project website:

The Playbooks will be available for review and comment until October 18, 2019.  Additionally, VTA has created a video to provide community members with an overview of what Transit Oriented Communities are and the benefits TOCs can provide to the BART Phase II station area neighborhood. View the TOCs Video.

We can’t do it alone!

Existing land use policies and funding mechanisms do not support the type of growth and vibrancy that a well-planned TOC can and should generate.  VTA’s BART Phase II Project provides a once-in-a-century opportunity to sustainably organize Santa Clara Valley's future growth around the future BART stations by creating vibrant Transit Oriented Communities – implementing the recommendations in each Playbook will ensure that we’re maximizing the potential of each station area. We ask the community to help support the vision of these future communities by sending feedback, recommendations and advocating for cities to collaborate with VTA to update existing policy.

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