construction on Hamilton station platform
UPDATE: 5-10-21, Hamilton Light Rail Station Now Open After Maintenance
Stacey Hendler Ross

Work has been completed at the Hamilton Light Rail Station with improvements to the track, platform and retaining wall.  The elevated station is at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Creekside Way, adjacent to Highway 17 North.

Since the grade-separated station first opened in 2005, there has been some settlement of the dirt embankment, requiring crews to re-stabilize the embankment and retaining wall. This settling over time was expected, in part due to the large amount of dirt infill required to create the embankment.

Construction engineers and crews braced and realigned the existing retaining wall panels and realigned the track. The station platform was also adjusted to accommodate the new track elevation and alignment.

This work is part of VTA’s on-going rail rehab program, which regularly checks the light rail alignment throughout Santa Clara County for maintenance needs. Track geometry and ultrasonic tests are performed at least once a year, and maintenance crews perform, at a minimum, monthly checks throughout the light rail system.

Periodically if there are any maintenance needs on the tracks, trains are slowed down as a safety precaution to 5- 10 miles an hour through the section in question, until rehabilitation work can be done. 

The track and foundation work at the Hamilton Light Rail station began April 24 and lasted until Sunday, May 9.  This is expected to be the last foundation work needed for that location.

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