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Valley Transportation Authority campaign "It Stops Here!" aims to STOP harassment on public transit

At VTA, there is no place for harassment, whether on our vehicles, at stops, at stations, or anywhere.  Safety and security are core values at VTA, and we are committed to a safe, harassment-free transit experience for all our riders at all times. As a result, VTA is launching the Anti-Harassment campaign, ‘It Stops Here!’, to reduce the incidents of harassment and alert potential offenders to the fact that harassment is not tolerated at VTA.

The campaign is focused on educating the public on codes of conduct like “No staring, no touching, no forcing conversation, etc.” and how harassment can be stopped. Posters that aim to raise awareness about the issue of harassment in public spaces are being deployed on buses and light rail vehicles in addition to social media and on the VTA website.


What to report

We understand that sometimes people may not report an incident because they think it isn’t severe enough or won’t be taken seriously. However, if you see something, say something. Reports will help the police and VTA know where and when the incidents occur so we can put measures in place to prevent them. Reporting incidents also means that the police can investigate them, and those offenders can be identified and caught.

These are some of the things that riders can report:

  • Making unsolicited sexual gestures or comments of a sexual nature (catcalling)
  • Stalking or leering
  • Watching pornography or other explicit content in public areas
  • Flashing/exposure of intimate body parts
  • Sexual Assault (Unwanted touching)
  • Rape
  • Intrusive verbal interactions


Actions and Tools You Can Use If You Are Experiencing Sexual Harassment

There's no place for sexual harassment on VTA vehicles or property. Here's what to do if you're being harassed:

  • If you are riding a VTA Bus, notify the operator while on board, and if you are riding a Light Rail, inform the operator at the next stop or press the button located near the door to talk to an operator.
  • If you are waiting at a bus stop or station, call 911 or report the issue using the VTAlerts app.
  • Text (408) 610-1440
  • Report a Problem Online


VTA's Anti-Harassment campaign is an ongoing effort to change the culture of public transit in a way that improves the commuting experience for everyone. If you are a victim or witness of harassment on VTA, we encourage you to speak up, report, and let others know that if it’s unwanted, it’s harassment.

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